The wholeSOUL approach to leadership, love and living

Welcome to the PINK Brand. What's new you ask? I am more clear about my purpose and I chose to align my businesses as such. I do not want to confuse my original PINK clients where the focus was on intercultural individual, team and organizational development and change. Well, I'm flipping the script! I'm ready to lean into my legacy of working with women, girls and youth of color to become their best selves.

Many people know me solely as a consultant/coach, OR as a new psychotherapist, OR as an entertainer/host of community events. Now, all the pieces have come together and I cannot wait to serve you in more dynamic and holistic ways. Get ready to be PINKed! 

The PINK Brand

Intercultural, Personality & Leadership Consulting


Phyllis created and branded PINK from the ground up. PINK is an acronym for Pursuing Intercultural Needs & Knowledge. Now, she is one of the most sought after Interculturalist in the US. For the last 20 plus years Phyllis has been doing intercultural assessments for individuals, teams and entire organizations, both large and small; coaching & equipping leaders with the awareness and tools needed to lead their organizations through transformational change with an equity lens; and facilitated training for over 30,000 people nationwide. 

There is a distinct difference between the competencies of consulting, coaching and counseling; there is also a connection. This intersectionality intriqued me. Thus, sending me on an overwhelming journey for the last 2 years back to grad school full time. Now that I am a licensed psychotherapist, I can truly and legitimately support professional women at the intersection of coaching and counseling - which is what I call wholeSOUL living and leadership. 

I am fully convinced that any efforts to shift the culture of any entity unequivocally has to start at the top -- with executive leadership. If you are ready to be supported, challenged and equipped to take yourself, your team or your organization to the next level, then look no more. 

Female Focused Counseling & Coaching


For the last five to seven years I've noticed a trend in my work and my clients. While being contracted as a coach and a consultant, mostly to female leaders of color and white women with non-dominant culture identities, I discovered how many professional women are not as effective as they'd like to be because they have not acknowledged the possibility of residue from adverse childhood experiences that has an impact on their thinking, feelings and behavior. 

Unfortunately, nearly half of women believe that depression is a "natural" part of being a woman and aging. Mainly, because these challenges are experienced differently in women than in men. It is time to break the social stigma of addressing mental health in the workplace without pathologizing women as being, "too sensitive.". Left untouched or talked about, can lead to experiences of anxiety, depression and other ineffective behaviors like binge drinking, sexual promiscuity  and excessive shopping. 

High-functioning depression is far more concerning to psychiatrists than any other type, and successful women like you are at higher risk to experience it. But, my sisters, do not fret. I am here for you. If you are a high-functioning woman and just want to have an inquiry conversation about how a therapeutic relationship with a couch or counselor can add balance and clear purpose to your life, contact me directly at 

763-301-5119. I do take most health insurances.

Community Engagement w/ Women & Youth


I am in awe how God has brought all the pieces together. I have the education and experience as a top diversity consultant in my field; I closed the gap in my capacity to more meaningfully and holistically support women in professional settings; and the bonus is I also get to impart all of my new awareness, knowledge, and skills to help women from all walks of life to find their purpose and align it with their personal and professional goals.

I am so excited to give back to my community with a focus on women, teen girls and youth of color. PINK has a philosophy of, "to whom much is given, much is required." Therefore, I am overjoyed to share all I know and have learned as a black, female small business owner. I feel I especially have a responsibility to mentor and coach other women of color trying to pursue their dreams in a predominantly white state and social norms.

It is also time to not only address mental health as a society, but more locally and religiously many communities of color do not acknowledge or accept that mental illness is a real disease with detrimental consequences if not accurately diagnosed and treated.

My own cultural upbringing in the bible belt of Mississippi implicitly taught me not to share my most person secrets with a stranger, and if your faith was stronger, God will "fix it."  Well, I do have faith in God and he gives me the strength to "fix it" for myself. These teachings -- intended or not -- must change!