Given language is not neutral, we offer transparency

Female Focused


In the US, if you identify as a female, you experience life differently than men do. To date, women still do not have political, social and economic equality. Therefore, this experience is unapologetically for women! The curriculum is gender specific and is designed for individuals who biologically and psychosocially identify as female. While we know using language that accurately communicates an intention, the impact doesn't always reflect. If you have questions or feedback about our description, please click here.

Spiritually Grounded


While I know addressing religion can be taboo, this experience does ask participants to connect their inner strength to a place, person or purpose in which one feels a profound sense of belonging. For some people this is a historical religious figure (Budda, God, Allah), for others it's a belief in something bigger than themselves.  If you have questions or feedback about our description, please click here.

Cultural Differences


In addition to being female focused and spiritually grounded, women of all colors, countries and cultures are welcomed. At this time, all of the speakers and written materials are in English. We do acknowledge this as a limitation and sincerely apologize. But we are always looking to be more inclusive in the future. Additional experiences especially for women of color, LGBTQAI females, women entrepreneurs and social workers is coming soon. Subscribe to stay in the know.

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